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Tour Our Office

We understand your need to receive treatment in a practice that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and welcome. Please feel free to schedule an appointment or stop by for a complete tour of our practice. You will get to meet our team, walk through our office and treatment areas, and learn more about the treatments we provide.

Today I am going to the dentist. My family and I will walk to a large building.

The dentist helps keep my teeth clean and healthy.

I will check in at the front desk.

I will have a seat in the waiting room. There are toys there for me to play with.

When my name is called I will walk through a door down a long hallway to see the dentist.

I will sit in a big chair. It will move and lean back. I have to sit still so the dentist can look at my teeth.

The dental Assistant will say HI to me and aks me to sit down in the chair.

My dental assistant has to wear a mask, gloves and glasses to get ready to look at my teeth.

The dentist will check my teeth with special instruments.

I will open my mouth wide for the dentist to see.

My dental assistant will then walk me out to leave.

Once I have successfully completed my appointment I will get to take home a goodie bag and a prize.

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